Why Do Men Love Big Boobs So Much?

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Why Men Love Busty Escorts

Whether you consider yourself a legs-man or have a foot fetish or are indeed a self confessed boobs-man, chances are you are really into boobs too even if it's not your number one favourite. I have yet to meet a heterosexual guy who doesn't like boobs, be they small, large, soft or hard, but I have met several who are not particularly keen on feet or other parts and tend to steer clear when possible. When it comes to breasts, the sheer endless variety of sizes, shapes and colours raises the arousal factor ten fold. From large natural breasts, to tiny, pert ones, from soft hanging fruits to the firm and hard variety. From the outlandishly big nipples that could poke your eyes out to the gentle little pink nipples that cry out to be sucked, licked and caressed. Every possible need and fetish is catered for when it comes to breasts as the variety is eye watering!

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Generally us guys are aroused by the woman's breasts the moment we have the pleasure of unfastening the bra and holding them in our hands. It's a primal thing, the soft skin, the gentle aroma and the beckoning nipples all play their part in sending the guy to a point of arousal that few other body parts can do. Be they enhanced or natural, big or small, the sexual power of those breasts is something most men can not resist. Of course, some women use this power bestowed upon them for their own profit and good luck to them we say! If you have it, use it, flaunt it and enjoy the power of the boob and the sexy busty escorts on offer at Route18 do just that whether they be independent escorts or a busty escort girl from one of the many London escort agencies!

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Enhanced Or Natural Breasts

It's amazing to think that the first breast augmentation surgery was performed back in 1895, for medical as opposed to cosmetic reasons, however, this was the starting place for an industry that has 'ballooned' (excuse the pun) over the past couple of decades. Breast surgery for cosmetic reasons is a commonplace thing these days with thousands of such operations taking place worldwide every year with different degrees of success. As a guy, you will know where you stand on the issue, you may love them, loathe them or not really care one way or the other, but for the lady who undergoes such a surgery, if all goes well, often it's a real confidence booster. These ladies on the whole go through the process simply to make themselves feel more confident and at ease with themselves and who can deny them this and fail to enjoy the shapely, big and firm results that many achieve!

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